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Table 2 Internalization of FITC-labeled influenza virus by monocytes/macrophages and lymphocytes

From: HLA-associated protection of lymphocytes during influenza virus infection

Experiment HLA-A determinants of donor Percent positive cellsa
Monocytes/macrophagesb Lymphocytes
1 1,2 10.89 4.55
1,- 13.36 2.56
2 3,11 30.89 7.09
11,- 21.15 3.76
  1. aCells containing FITC-labeled influenza virus-derived green fluorescence after addition of ethidium bromide to quench FITC-derived green fluorescence external to the cells. 104 cells were analyzed for each determination. This table shows results using cells from HLA-A1-homozygous donor number 7
  2. bMonocytes/macrophages were identified by forward and side light scatter as well as expression of CD14