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Table 2 Algorithms of the RDP4 package used to predict the recombination event

From: Whole genomic analysis of a potential recombinant human adenovirus type 1 in Qinghai plateau, China

Recombinant strain Parent major/minor Recombinant region in alignment Model (average p-value)
RDP GENECONV BootScan MaxChi Chimaera SiScan 3Seq
QH-1665/2018 AC_000017_Ad1/AC_000007_Ad2 7655–13,405 2.45E-19 4.98E-06 1.44E-02 0.009607 1.37E-03 1.03E-02 4.08E-07
AC_000017_Ad1/ AC_000008_Ad5 33,039–35,114 2.90E-19 3.79E-11 3.36E-08 5.00E-07 6.39E-05 2.09E-03 8.46E-10