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Table 4 Amino acid sequences analyses of NA protein of Algerian isolates

From: Full-length genome sequences of the first H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in the Northeast of Algeria

Avian influenza viruses Hemadsorbing site (HB) Potentials glycosylation sites (PGS)
1st loop 366–373 2nd loop 399–404 3rd loop 431–433
A/Quail/Hong_Kong/G1/97 I K K D S R S G D S D I R S P Q E 6
A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/1966 S N N W 7
A/Duck/Hong_Kong/Y280/97 E N W 7
A/Duck/Hong_Kong/Y439/97 S N N N W 10
A/Guangdong/MZ058/2016a N G D W 8
A/Lebanon/11 L046/2012 (H3N2) N E T L R G D K E 8
A/Minnesota/19/2011(H1N2) N E T L L E K G D K E 9
A/Paris/650/2004 (H1N1) K S N R L   K I T D W R 9
A/Egypt/N02752/2009 (H5N1) K S T N I T D W K 3
A/Shanghai/02/2013 (H7N9) S T A L N A D W K 7
A/Chicken/Karachi/NARC-100/2004 (H7N3) S N S G R S G F N N D W S G N K N 6
A/Chicken/Morocco/SF1/2016 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Tunisia/12/2010 L A N W 7
A/Chicken/Egypt/F12168B/2016 A S W 7
A/Chicken/Dubai/D2506.A/2015 L A N W R 8
A/Chicken/Pakistan/10A/2015 E T G N 7
A/Chicken/B Faso/17RS93–19/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/6BBD/2017 L A N N W 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/8BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/9BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/10BBD/2017 L A N N W R 9
A/Chicken/Algeria/12BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/13BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/15BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/17BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/18BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/19BBD/2017 L A N N W R 8
  1. aHuman H9N2 viruses; Dash indicates that the aa is similar to that in the strain A/Quail/Hong Kong/G1/97 at the same position