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Table 3 Amino acid sequences analysis of the HA protein of Algerian isolates

From: Full-length genome sequences of the first H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in the Northeast of Algeria

Avian influenza viruses Receptor binding Site (RBS) Right-edge of binding pocket Left-edge of binding pocket Connecting peptide aa sequence Potentials glycosylation sites (PGS)
106 110 161 163 166 191 198 202 203 234 235 148–152 a142–146 232–236 b233–237 333–338 c366–441  
A/Quail/Hong_Kong/G1/97 V P W T S H E L Y L Q S R A C S N D L Q G P A R S S R 8
A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/1966 Q   G Q    V   7
A/Duck/Hong_Kong/Y280/97 N N T K G 6
A/Duck/Hong_Kong/Y439/97 Q    Q    A N 6
A/Guangdong/MZ058/2016 * D N T M T G M S 7
A/Lebanon/11 L046/2012 (H3N2) N D I P R S N R N I P S E K Q T 12
A/Minnesota/19/2011(H1N2) N N Q E A S R Q E S I Q 9
A/Paris/650/2004 (H1N1) N D Q E A S R Q E S I Q 10
A/Egypt/N02752/2009(H5N1) D Q S S P G Q S Q G E R R 7
A/Shanghai/02/2013(H7N9) I L L S T S R G S I P K G 5
A/Chicken/Karachi/NARC100/2004 (H7N3) I K C R G S G I I Q Q aG A T S S bN G Q S G cP k R R K R 2
A/Chicken/Morocco/SF1/2016 N A I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Tunisia/12/2010 N A I K S G I 7
A/Chicken/Egypt/F12168B/2016 N A I K S G I 7
A/Chicken/Dubai/D2506.A/2015   N A I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Pakistan/10A/2015 N A I K S G I K 7
A/Chicken/B Faso/17RS93–9/2017 N A I K S G I H 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/6BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/8BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/9BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/10BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/12BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria13BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/15BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/17BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 8
A/Chicken/Algeria/18BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
A/Chicken/Algeria/19BBD/2017 N T I K S G I H 7
  1. Strains whose subtype is not indicated in parentheses are H9N2; * Human H9N2 viruses; Dash indicates that the amino acid is similar to that in the strain A/Quail/Hong Kong/G1/97 at the same position; H9, H7, and H5 numbering for H9N2, H7, and H5N1, respectively. a, b, c letters indicates aa respectively at positions 142–146, 233–237 and 366–441 of the right-edge of binding pocket, the left-edge of binding pocket and connecting peptide of Karachi H7N3 virus