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Table 1 Comparison of the three ELISA kits used for HDV detection

From: Performance of commercially available anti-HDV enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays in Taiwan

ManufacturerGeneral Biological CorporationDiaProDiaSorin
CertificationTFDA MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 005807CE 0318CE 0459
Sample (volume)serum and EDTA-plasma(100 μl)serum and EDTA-plasma
(100 μl)
serum only (50 μl)
Principledirect sandwich assaytwo-step competitive assaysimultaneous competitive assay
Adsorbed Antigenrecombinant HDV antigenrecombinant HDV antigenrecombinant HDV antigen
HRP ConjugateHDV small antigenpolyclonal Ab against HDVhuman anti-HD Fab
Incubation Time105 min
(60, 30, 15 min)
140 min
(60, 60, 20 min)
210 min
(180, 30 min)
Incubation Temperature37 °C37 °C or room temperature37 °C orroom temperature
Reader Wavelength450 nm (reading)
650 nm (blanking, if possible)
450 nm (reading)
620–630 nm (blanking, if possible)
450 nm (reading)
630 nm (blanking)
Control Well(s)6 (Blank*1, NC*3, PC*2)7 (Blank*1, NC*3, CAL*2, PC*1)6 (Blank*1, NC*3, PC*2)