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Table 1 Gender and age in patients with chronic HBV infection, HBV infection resolvers and healthy controls and the clinical diagnosis of the patients with HBV infection

From: Association of LIN28B polymorphisms with chronic hepatitis B virus infection

 Patients (n = 515)Resolvers (n = 97)Controls (n = 169)P
Gender (male/female)360/15565/32105/640.168
Age [mean (range) years]41.87 ± 13.30 (18–78)40.04 ± 13.22 (28–72)43.38 ± 13.25 (24–76)0.136
Clinical diagnosis
 Asymptomatic carrier status91   
 Chronic hepatitis128   
 Hepatocellular carcinoma169   
  1. Patients, patients with chronic HBV infection; resolvers, HBV infection resolvers; controls, Healthy controls. The t-test or Chi-squared test was used for comparison