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Table 2 Interactors screened by yest two-hybrid screen

From: Identification of protein inhibitor of activated STAT 4, a novel host interacting partner that involved in bovine viral diarrhea virus growth

PreyNo. of Genbank accessionNo. of hitssimilarity
Bos taurus small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, alpha (SGTA)NM_0010380301589%
Bos taurus protein inhibitor of activated STAT, 4BC1236061393%
Bovine natural resistance-associated macrophage protein (Nramp)NM_174652592%
Bos taurus calcium modulating ligand (CAMLG)NM_001037625693%
Bos taurus cysteine-rich with EGF-like domains 1 (CRELD1)NM_0010148511092%
Bos taurus transmembrane emp24-like trafficking protein (TMED10)NM_001040549.2492%
Bos taurus ribosomal protein L6 (RPL6)BT021544.1790%
Bos taurus tetratricopeptide repeat domain (TTC1)NM_001034217.2393%
Bos taurus reticulon-4 (RNT4), transcript variant 1NM_001075138.1593%
Bos taurus hypothetical protein LOC617407BC108156.11088%
Predicted:Ovis aries vascular cell adhesion protein 1-like,transcript variant 3XM_004002235.1589%
Bos taurus eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit E (EIF3E)NM_001034603.1280%
Bos taurus protein-L-isoaspartate (D-aspartate) O-methyltransferaseBC109663.1293%