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Table 1 Development of luminescence syncytium induction assay

From: Overexpression of bovine leukemia virus receptor SLC7A1/CAT1 enhances cellular susceptibility to BLV infection on luminescence syncytium induction assay (LuSIA)

methodsreporter cell linesidentificationNon-specific backgroundBLV-infected cellsBLV particleapproved for milk samplereferences
SIACC81, F81Giemsa staininghigh++[21, 22]
LuSIA 1st. Gen.CC81-BLU3Gauto-fluorescencehigh++++[23]
LuSIA 2nd. Gen.CC81-BLU3Lluciferase assaylow++++NT[24]
LuSIA 2nd. Gen.CC81-GREMGauto-fluorescencelow+++++[24, 25]
LuSIA 3rd. Gen.CC81-GREMG-CAT1auto-fluorescencemedium++++++NTthis report