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Table 1 Effect of phage AKFV33 treated individual and mixture of STEC and Salmonella at different MOIs

From: Effect of a bacteriophage T5virus on growth of Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli and Salmonella strains in individual and mixed cultures

Species/SerotypesBacterialSourceSusceptibility1Bacterial individual or mixed cultureMean OD600nm at each MOI2
strains # (MOI value) Phage-free Control0.010.11101001000Across MOIs
STEC O157:H7R508NBovine9 × 10−6Individual0.2610.006a0.004a0.001a0.001a0.001a0a0.002
STEC O26:H11EC19960464Bovine6 × 10−5Individual0.3100.05a0.011b0.004b0.002b0b0b0.011
STEC O145:NMEC19970355Human4 × 10−3Individual0.2240.156a0.067b0.067b0.02c0.015c0.003c0.055
S. I 4, [5],12:i20,104,603Porcine4Individual0.1620.1650.094a0.097a0.063a0.063a0.048b0.088
S. TyphimuriumATCC14028Porcine3Individual0.2620.2270.2070.2200.1740.2210.038a0.181
    O26:H11 + O157:H70.3150.013a*0.005a0.006a0a0.001a0a0.004
    O145:NM + O157:H70.2680.009a(***)0.005a(**)0.004a(**)0.003a0.005a0.003a0.005
    O26:H11 + O145:NM + O157:H70.3160.014a*(***)0.004b(**)0.005b(**)0.001b0.002b0.002b0.005
    S. I 4, [5],12:i + O157:H70.2300.099a**0.002c***0.064b**0.004c**0.012c**0.003c*0.031
    S. Typhimurium + O157:H70.2620.037a(***)0.015a(***)0.014a(***)0.008a(***)0.009a(***)0.007a0.015
    S. I 4, [5],12:I + S. Typhimurium + O157:H70.2280.004a***(***)0.004a***(***)0.011a***(***)0.008a**(***)0.008a**(***)0.008a*0.007
  1. 1Susceptibility of strains to phages were determined by microplate phage virulence assay for each MOI (Multiplicity of infection) value
  2. 2The blank values were subtracted from absorbance measures at 600 nm, to give a final corrected optical density. Mean OD600nm at each MOI were calculated by averaging OD600nm from 2 h, 4 h, 6 h, 8 h and 10 h
  3. Letters which differ after the mean values indicate differences (P < 0.05) among MOIs within each bacterial culture
  4. Asterisks*, ** and *** indicate a statistical difference between phage-treated individual and mixed culture within same MOI at P < 0.05, P < 0.01 and P < 0.001, respectively