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Table 3 Antigenic characterization of wild-type and mutant H1N1 influenza A viruses by MN assay

From: Influenza A virus hemagglutinin mutations associated with use of neuraminidase inhibitors correlate with decreased inhibition by anti-influenza antibodies

H1N1 virusmAbs against CA/04:Human sera against CA/04:
28665286662866728668Donor 1Donor 2Donor 3
CA/04G155E−601−9−6− 9− 8
CA/04S183P00−1− 10− 10
  1. aValues represent the differences between the neutralizing mAb titers (reciprocals of antibody dilutions that neutralized 50 TCID50s of virus) in the reactions with the wild-type CA/04 and mutant H1N1 viruses in log2 units