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Table 3 Odds ratio with 95% confidence interval for HPV16 viral load and total hrHPV viral load for total hrHPV copy number and titer

From: HPV viral load in self-collected vaginal fluid samples as predictor for presence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

 Quartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4
HPV16 copy number
 Range10.5–54.956.0–404.2414.0–4772.94952.2–2.6E+ 6
 No of women with transient infection2013116
 No of women with persistent infection32394145
 Odds ratio, course of infectionNA1.9(0.8–4.4)2.3 (1.0–5.7)4.5 (1.7–13.9)
 OR, course of infection, p-value, fisher exactNA0.2060.0850.003
 No of women with CIN2+14233026
 No of women without CIN2+38292225
 Odds ratio, CIN2+NA2.1 (0.95.0)3.6 (1.68.5)2.8 (1.26.5)
 OR, CIN2+, p-value, fisher exactNA0.1010.0030.016
HPV16 titer
 Range8.8E-04 7.1E-028.0E-02 0.650.65 7.267.31 994.68
 No of women with transient infection221288
 No of women with persistent infection40404443
 Odds ratio, course of infectionNA2.4 (1.0–5.8)3.9 (1.6–10.7)3.9 (1.6–10.4)
 OR, course of infection, p-value, fisher exactNA0.0590.0040.004
 No of women with CIN2+13262826
 No of women without CIN2+39262425
 Odds ratio, CIN2+NA3.0 (1.306.98)3.4 (1.518.15)3.1 (1.357.29)
 OR, CIN2+, p-value, fisher exactNA0.0150.0050.008
Total hrHPV copy numbers
 Range10.2–50.450.7–281.9286.2–2594.12619.5–3.9E+ 6
 No of women with transient infection82684533
 No of women with persistent infection8699122133
 Odds ratio, course of infectionNA1.4 (0.9–2.1)2.6 (1.7–4.1)3.9 (2.4–6.4)
 OR, course of infection, p-value, fisher exactNA0.0154.55E-052.28E-08
 No of women with CIN2+33435362
 No of women without CIN2+134124114104
 Odds ratio, CIN2+NA1.4 (0.82.4)1.9 (1.13.1)2.4 (1.54.0)
 OR, CIN2+, p-value, fisher exactNA0.2400.0174.22E-04
Total hrHPV titer
 Range7.7E-04 6.0E-026.0E-02 0.40.4 3.93.9 1243.2
 No of women with transient infection88564044
 No of women with persistent infection79111127122
 Odds ratio, course of infectionNA2.2 (1.4–3.4)3.5 (2.2–5.7)3.1(1.9–4.9)
 OR, course of infection, p-value, fisher exactNA5.92E-049.53E-081.26E-06
 No of women with CIN2+27536051
 No of women without CIN2+140114107115
 Odds ratio, CIN2+NA2.4 (1.44.1)2.9 (1.74.9)2.3 (1.43.9)
 OR, CIN2+, p-value, fisher exactNA1.26E-035.73E-051.89E-03