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Table 2 Positive rate of HPV DNA assay, HPV E6/E7mRNA testing and p16/Ki-67 immunocytochemistry in CIN1- and CIN2+

From: Prognostic and diagnostic validity of p16/Ki-67, HPV E6/E7 mRNA, and HPV DNA in women with ASCUS: a follow-up study

Testpositive rateχ2 valuep value
DNA88.7% (86/97)100% (6/6)0.0370.848
E6/E7mRNA55.7% (54/97)100% (6/6)6.7490.009
p16/Ki-6717.5% (24/97)50.0% (3/6)1.6490.199
  1. CIN1-: The diagnoses of cytology and HPV DNA negative (no biopsy), cervical inflammation and CIN1 are referred as < CIN1(CIN1 -); CIN2+: the diagnoses of CIN2, CIN3 and carcinoma are referred as ≥ CIN2 (CIN2 +). DNA: HPV DNA assay; E6/E7 mRNA: HPV E6/E7 mRNA testing; p16/Ki-67: p16/Ki-67 immunocytochemistry