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Table 2 Percent similarity of Pak aHEV strains with other Orthohepevirus B (avian) sequences based on partial ORF1 (MeT, Hel), ORF2 and complete ORF3 nucleotide sequences

From: A novel avian isolate of hepatitis E virus from Pakistan

Orthohepevirus B sequences
Genotype/ country (GenBank accession no.)
% nucleotide similarity
Pak aHEV (PT12B)
 Gt1/Australia (AM943647)90a838495
 Gt1/Korea (JN597006)88848394
 Gt2/USA (AY535004)88848594
 Gt3/ Hungary (AM943646)87858494
 Gt3/China (GU954430)87848494
 Gt4/ Taiwan (KF511797)87808393
 Pak aHEV (PT16B)9810099100
Pak aHEV (PT16B)
 Gt1/Australia (AM943647)91838495
 Gt1/Korea (JN597006)89848394
 Gt2/USA (AY535004)89848494
 Gt3/ Hungary (AM943646)88858394
 Gt3/China (GU954430)88848494
 Gt4/ Taiwan (KF511797)88808393
 Pak aHEV (PT12B)9810099100
  1. aBolded numbers show the highest sequence identity to the Pak aHEV sequences. Korea, Republic of Korea