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Fig. 1

From: A novel avian isolate of hepatitis E virus from Pakistan

Fig. 1

Histopathology of liver and spleen of Pak aHEV RNA positive layer chickens (PT12 upper panel, PT16 middle panel) and Pak aHEV RNA negative chicken (−VE = negative control, lower panel). a Enlarged hemorrhagic liver (Hm) with discoloration and multiple hemorrhagic foci on the surface (arrows), d Enlarged liver with discoloration and serosanguinous fluid in the abdominal cavity (arrow), (g) liver of Pak aHEV negative chicken. (b & e) Necrotizing hepatitis (arrow heads) with infiltration of lymphocytes (arrows), (h) liver negative control. (c & f) Depletion and aggregation of lymphocytes in the periarterioral sheaths (PAS), A = artery, (i) spleen negative control. H&E 40X

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