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Fig. 3

From: Codon usage patterns of LT-Ag genes in polyomaviruses from different host species

Fig. 3

The range of ENC values of the LT-Ag genes and two functional domains. The cross (×) indicates the mean ENC value, and the dot (•) indicates the minimum/maximum ENC value of the LT-Ag genes and two domains within LT-Ag. Each group, which we classified by host, was composed of 9 (Group A), 3 (Group F), 13 (Group H), 36 (Group M), and 25 (Group P) nucleotide sequence data of LT-Ag genes and helicase domains. DnaJ domains were not identified in 32 protein sequences, including 3 fish PyVs; thus, a total of 54 sequence data were used for the analysis

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