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Fig. 4

From: Important roles of C-terminal residues in degradation of capsid protein of classical swine fever virus

Fig. 4

C-terminal residues 260 to 267, especially 260-262, are responsible for the degradation of C protein. a Schematic representation of a series of truncated fusion proteins with various residues deletions at C-terminal of C proteins. The numbers in dark oblong showed the remaining residues of C protein. b PK-15 cells were transfected with plasmids encoding CΔ8, CΔ7, CΔ5 and C2 proteins, respectively. Cells were treated with MG132 or DMSO for 16 h and observed under a fluorescence microscope. Scale bar, 100 μm. c Cells were then lysed and analysed by Western blot with the indicated antibodies. Protein marker is shown on the right

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