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Fig. 3

From: Important roles of C-terminal residues in degradation of capsid protein of classical swine fever virus

Fig. 3

C-terminal residues are more responsible for the degradation of C protein. a Schematic representation of C-EGFP, CΔC and CΔN proteins. The numbers in dark oblong showed the remaining residues of C protein. CΔC is constructed by fusing the first 35 amino acids at N-termianl of C protein to EGFP protein. CΔN is constructed by fusing the last 64 amino acids at C-termianl of C protein to EGFP protein. b PK-15 cells were transfected with plasmids encoding CΔC and CΔN proteins followed by treatment of MG132 or DMSO as described above. Cells were lysed and analysed by Western blot with the indicated antibodies. Protein marker is shown on the right

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