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Table 1 The regulators of m6A in different viruses

From: Association of N6-methyladenosine with viruses and related diseases

Virus/cancer typeMoleculeChangeSample sourceTargetBiological functionReference
HIVMETTL3/METTL14DownCD4+T cellRevSuppress virus replication[39]
ALKBH5DownCD4+T cellRevPromote virus replication
YTHDF1–3UpCEM-SS T cellPromote virus replication[1, 39]
HeLa/CD4 cellGagSuppress virus replication[40]
EV71METTL3DownVero cellsRdRp 3DDecrease in virus titer[41]
FTODownVero cellsPromote in virus titer
YTHDF2/3DownVero cellsSuppress virus replication
IAVMETTL3DownA549 cellSuppress IAV replication[42]
YTHDF2UpA549 cellPromote IAV replication
KSHVMETTL3DownBCBL1 cellORF50Suppress viral lytic replication[43]
FTODownBCBL1 cellORF50Promote viral lytic replication
YTHDC1UpBCBL1 cellORF50Promote ORF50 pre-mRNA splicing
YTHDF2DowniSLK.219/ iSLK.BAC16 cellORF50Suppress transcription in ORF50[44]
HBVMETTL3/14DownHepAD38 cellPromote HBc/s protein expression and the half-life of pgRNA[45]
FTO/ALKBH5/YTHDF2–3DownHepAD38 cellSuppress HBc/s protein expression and the half-life of pgRNA
HCVMETTL3/14DownHuh7 cellEnhance titer of HCV[46]
FTODownHuh7 cellDecrease viral titer
YTHDF1–3UpHuh7 cellSuppress HCV replication
HCCMETTL3DownPatient sample/ HepG2, Huh-7 and MHCC97LSOCS2Attenuate SOCS2 mRNA stability[47]
METTL14DownPatient sample/ tumor tissues/ SMMC-7721, Hep3B and HepG2miR-126Regulate processing of miR-126 by DGCR8[48]
CCFTOUpPatient sample/ SiHa cellInduce poor prognosis[49, 50]
ZIKVMETTL3/14DownVero cellIncrease viral titer[51]
ALKBH5/FTODownVero cellDecrease viral titer
YTHDF2UpVero cellSuppress ZIKV replication
SV40METTL3DownBCS40 cellReduce SV40 replication[52]
YTHDF2UpBCS40 cellEnhance replication of SV40
EBVMETTL14UpLcLs and Akata cellsEBNA3CPromote growth and proliferation of EBV-infected cells[53]