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Table 4 Expression of differentially expressed miRNAs and targeted mRNA genes analyzed

From: Identification of microRNAs regulated by tobacco curly shoot virus co-infection with its betasatellite in Nicotiana benthamiana

ID miRNA log2(TbCSV/TbCSB / Mock) qRT-PCR ID target gene qRT-PCR Functional annotation
miR156a 1.27(up) 4.47(up) Niben101Scf19266g01002 0.82(down) Squamosa promoter-binding protein
miR156d-5p 1.05(up) 7.97(up) Niben101Scf10743g02013 0.51(down) Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein
miR164a-5p −1.05(down) −0.36(down) Niben101Scf02318g03012 1.76(up) NAC domain-containing protein
Niben101Scf04745g02009 4.45(up) NAC domain-containing protein
miR169c 1.23(up) 2.95(up) Niben101Scf15723g00003 0.67(down) YA2
Niben101Scf10191g01007 0.36(down) Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit A
miR171b −1.15 (down) −0.79(down) Niben101Scf03072g03007 2.35(up) GRAS family transcription factor
Niben101Scf03693g08008 1.72(up) GRAS family transcription factor
miR1919c-5p 1.10(up) 1.34(up) Niben101Scf02655g01001 0.76(down) conserved hypothetical protein
miR4376 1.39(up) 2.41(up) Niben101Scf04808g00007 0.30(down) calcium-transporting ATPase
miR482a 1.24 (up) 5.34(up) Niben101Scf01683g07007 0.71(down) Cyclin-dependent kinase
Niben101Scf01052g06002 0.56(down) Disease resistance protein (NB-ARC)
Niben101Scf01941g01005 0.62(down) Disease resistance protein (NB-ARC)
miR159 0.36(up) 2.42(up) Niben101Scf11569g00002 0.84(down) MYB-like transcription factor
novel 121 1.53(up) 2.55(up) Niben101Scf00504g02001 0.68(down) Heavy metal transport
Niben101Scf02139g05001 0.51(down) Heavy metal transport
novel 70 −1.91(down) −0.12(down) Niben101Scf02825g00022 1.96(up) fiber protein Fb11
Niben101Scf00578g04002 2.11(up) Transcription factor
novel 71 1.61 (up) 6.50(up) Niben101Scf12157g00001 0.51(down) N-acetyltransferase 10 homolog
Niben101Scf03820g00007 0.16(down) N-acetyltransferase 10 homolog
novel 94 −1.93(down) −0.25(down) Niben101Scf19336g00004 3.90(up) 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase
Niben101Scf04528g12009 3.62(up) GRAS family transcription factor