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Table 2 Reference strains used in this experiment and specificity results of the TaqMan real time RT-PCR

From: Development of a duplex TaqMan real-time RT-PCR assay for simultaneous detection of newly emerged H5N6 influenza viruses

Name of reference strains Subtype Ct/H5-FAM Ct/N6-VIC
A/mallard/Sanjiang/390/2007 H1N1 undet undet
A/mallard/Heilongjiang/135/2006 H2N2 undet undet
A/mallard/Heilongjiang/90/2006 H3N2 undet undet
A/duck/Guangxi/S-2-248/2009 H4N6 undet 22.05
A/Duck/GuangXi/1/2018 H5N6 15.87 14.97
A/mallard/Heilongjiang/81/2006 H6N2 undet undet
A/equine/ jingfang/74–1 H7N7 undet undet
A/turkey/ontario/6118/1968 H8N4 undet undet
A/Turkey/Wisconsin/1/66 H9N2 undet undet
A/Turkey/England/384/1979 H10N4 undet undet
A/Duck/Memphis/546/1976 H11N9 undet undet
A/duck/Alberta/60/1976 H12N5 undet undet
A/gull/Maryland/704/1977 H13N6 undet 17.9
A/mallard/Gurjer/263/1982 H14N5 undet undet
A/duck/Australia/341/83 H15N8 undet undet
A/cormorant/Denmark/74–68,899-G2/02 H16N3 undet undet
NDV LaSota undet undet
NDV F48E9 undet undet
IBV Lx4 undet undet
IBDV Gt undet undet