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Table 1 Nucleotide sequence mutation at E6 of HPV6 isolates

From: E6 and E7 gene polymorphisms in human papillomavirus Type-6 identified in Southwest China

Sequence pattern HPV6 E6 Number of samples Sub-lineages
  40 120 150 222 264 291 372   
Reference G A C A A C G   
HPV6E601 . T . . . . A 96 A1
HPV6E602 T T . . . . A 5 A1
HPV6E603 . T G T T T A 42 B1
Reference AA D T H I T I A   
AA position 14 40 50 74 88 97 124   
AA mutations Y . Q . . . .   
Secondary structure H   H H   S    
  1. Note: The nucleotides conserved with respect to the reference sequence were marked with a dash (.), whereas a variation position was indicated by a letter. The “S” in the last row of the table means Strand, the “H” means Helix. The “AA” means amino acid. The “D, T, H, I, A, Y, Q” in the seventh and ninth rows of the table represent aspartic acid, threonine, histidine, isoleucine, alanine, tyrosine, and glutanine, respectively. The numbers in the second row of the table mean nucleotide positions