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Fig. 5

From: Generation of recombinant MVA-norovirus: a comparison study of bacterial artificial chromosome- and marker-based systems

Fig. 5

Generation of recMVA-NoV BAC plasmid. a Schematic map of the shuttle vector pEP-MVAdVI-PH5. b Linear map of insertion region in the recombinant pEPMVAdVI-PH5VP1. The recombinant plasmid was constructed by insertion of the NoV GII.4 capsid gene VP1 into the shuttle vector downstream of the viral promoter PmH5. c Confirmation of first Red recombination. After first recombination in E. coli 1783, insertion of the I-SecI-Kan-pH 5/VP1 fragment into MVA-BAC genome was confirmed by PCR (expected size: 3.1 kb). d Confirmation of resolution of co-integrated Kan cassette by PCR using DelVI-specific primers (expected size: 2.1 kb)

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