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Table 3 RSV infected patient’s characteristics

From: Viral respiratory tract infections in young children with cystic fibrosis: a prospective full-year seasonal study

Patient number Age at inclusion (months) Age at RSV infection (months) Requirements for extra-care
    Hospitali-zation/ Oxygen supply Antibiotics SABDc Oral steroids
1 16.3 22.9 No/No Yes Yes No
2 8.1 19.6 No/No Yes Yes Yes
3 4.0 12.8 No/No Yes Yes Yes
4 2.0 14.1a No/No Yes No No
5 2.7 4.5b No/No Yes No No
6 3.2 12.3a No/No Yes No Yes
  1. aco-infected with RVh
  2. bco-infected with adenovirus
  3. cSABD short acting bronchodilators