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Fig. 6

From: Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus inhibits NF-κB activity via nonstructural protein 3 to evade host immune system

Fig. 6

Nsp3 (590–1,215 aa) regulates IκBα degradation and p65 activity. Different doses of eukaryotic expression plasmid Nsp3 (590–1215 aa) were transfected into (a) HEK-293 T cells and (b) IPEC-J2 cells. The total amount of transfected plasmid of each group was kept consistent by adding different doses of pCMV-HA. After 24 h post-transfection, the cells were treated with poly (I:C). After 12 h, the nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins were extracted, and the expression of p65, IκBα and p-p65 were quantified by western blotting. Results are representative of three independent experiments

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