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Fig. 3

From: Directional entry and release of Zika virus from polarized epithelial cells

Fig. 3

ZIKV release occurs through the basolateral side in Caco-2 cells. a Apical and basal media was harvested at different time points SYBR-green qPCR assay and normalized to MS-2 expression. Results are expressed in mean ± SD calculated from three independent experiments. b Caco-2 cells were grown on semipermeable Transwell supports and infected either apically or basolaterally at 3 pfu/ cell. After 1 h of infection at 37 °C, the cells were washed with 5X volume of sterile PBS. At 48 hpi, supernatants from the top and bottom chambers were used to infect Vero cells seeded in 6-well plates. Extra media was added to the apical samples to normalize volumes of the two samples. c Cells were lysed in RIPA buffer, and used for Western Blot analysis after 48 h incubation

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