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Fig. 2

From: Identification of cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus P4.9 as a possible movement protein

Fig. 2

Functional analysis of P4.9 in cell–cell movement. a P4.9 facilitated diffusion of GFP in N. benthamiana leaf epidermis. Agrobacterium carrying plasmid of GFP was diluted 1000-fold. Bar, 200 μm. b Cell-to-cell spread of P4.9-GFP in the absence of other viral components. Agrobacterium carrying plasmid of P4.9-GFP and YFP was diluted 4000-fold. Bar, 100 μm. c Co-localization of P4.9-GFP with the ER marker HDEL-mCherry in N. benthamiana leaf epidermis. Bar, 5 μm. d Co-expression of P4.9-GFP with the Golgi apparatus marker Man49-mCherry in N. benthamiana leaf epidermis. Bar, 10 μm

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