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Table 4 Drug resistant mutations detected in newly reported HIV infected individuals in Shenzhen

From: Two-year cross-sectional studies reveal that single, young MSMs in Shenzhen, China are at high risk for HIV infection

ID Gender Transmission route Viral Subtype Drug-resistant mutations
7137 M HES CRF01_AE L76 V
7142 M HES CRF01_AE L41I
14,003 F HES B K101E
14,037 M MSM CRF01_AE V82ILV
14,084 M HES CRF59_01B F53 L
14,139 F HES CRF01_AE L100I
14,146 M HES CRF07_BC N83D
14,173 M MSM CRF01_AE L74I
14,179 M HES CRF01_AE V75 M
  1. PIs protease inhibitors, NRTIs nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, NNRTIs non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors