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Fig. 5

From: Diversity and distribution of type A influenza viruses: an updated panorama analysis based on protein sequences

Fig. 5

Phylogenetic diversity and distribution of H7 and H15 subtypes of IAVs based on HA sequences. H7 subtype IAVs were classified into three primary lineages, H7.1, H7.2 and H7.3. H7.1 and H7.2 mainly corresponded to H7 subtype AIVs circulating in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. H7.3 corresponded to H7 subtype EIVs which have not been found after the 1970s. H15 subtype IAVs could be classified into two lineages, H15.1 and H15.2. H15.1 corresponded to AIVs isolated from Australia in the 1970s and the 1980s. H15.2 corresponded to AIVs isolated from Russia around the year 2010

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