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Table 1 Reactivation of varicella zoster virus (VZV) related to burn treatment

From: Disseminated zoster in an adult patient with extensive burns: a case report

Authors Age (year) Gender Immunostatus before burn injury Extent of Burn (%TBSAa) Onset after burn injury Site VZV confirmation Outcome
Matthews et al., 1979 81 Female Immunocompetent 12%TBSA 46 days (During burn treatment) Intact skin of the face (Dermatome of right 1st branch of trigeminal nerve) Serological, clinical, electron microscopy, and culture Healed
Lin and Cinat, 2010 29 Male Immunocompetent 4%TBSA 2.5 years (After burn wound was healed) Healed skin graft on right ankle Serological and clinical Loss of skin graft
Kikuchi and Isa, 1976 70 Female Immunocompetent Less than 1%TBSA 3.5 years (After burn wound was healed) Healed skin graft on right back Clinical (age, distribution of vesicles on right chest, right back, and right arm.) Healed
Our case 51 Male Immunocompetent 60%TBSA 31 days (During burn treatment) First, intact skin of left knee and left buttock (L4 dermatome). Then, disseminated. Serological and clinical (age, distribution of primary vesicular exanthem, aggregated style of vesicles, several days of continually erupting rashes, concurrent presence of vesicles, pustules, and crusts.) Dead
  1. aTBSA denotes total body surface area