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Fig. 2

From: A sensitive luminescence syncytium induction assay (LuSIA) based on a reporter plasmid containing a mutation in the glucocorticoid response element in the long terminal repeat U3 region of bovine leukemia virus

Fig. 2

Comparison of quantitative analysis of cell-to-cell infection by LuSIAs using CC81-GREMG and CC81-BLU3G reporter cells. To compare the sensitivity of the newly developed reporter cell line CC81-GREMG, which is stably transfected with pBLU3GREM-EGFP, and the previously developed reporter cell line, CC81-BLU3G, the cells were cultured with FLK-BLV cells, which are productively infected by BLV. a CC81-GREMG or CC81-BLU3G was cultured with or without FLK-BLV cells. b Correlation of the number of EGFP-expressing syncytia and FLK-BLV cell number, when CC81-BLU3G or CC81-GREMG cells were co-cultured with serially diluted FLK-BLV cells. Results indicate the mean and standard deviation of three independent experiments

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