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Fig. 2

From: The tree shrew is a promising model for the study of influenza B virus infection

Fig. 2

Tree shrews show weight loss post inoculation with influenza B viruses but ferrets do not. Tree shrews did not show an increase in body temperature greater than 0.5 °C above pre-inoculation (a) and up to 10% body weight loss (c) post inoculation with influenza B viruses. Ferrets inoculated with B/Guangzhou/12/2016 showed a mean body temperature increase of over 1 °C at one day post inoculation and at other timepoints temperatures were approximately 0.5 °C above pre-inoculation (b). Ferrets did not lose weight post inoculation with either virus (d). Body temperature and weight were measured daily after inoculation with 1.0 × 106TCID50 of virus intranasally. The body temperature at 0 day was the average of five days before infection. Yamagata strain B/Guangzhou/12/2016 (Y12), Victoria strain B/Guangzhou/0215/2012 (V0215)

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