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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characterization of dengue virus reveals regional diversification of serotype 2 in Colombia

Fig. 2

Spatio-temporal distribution of DENV-2 lineages in Colombia and accompanying amino acid changes. a Geographic distribution of lineages 1 and 2 of the Asian/American genotype of DENV-2 in Colombia. b Variation in the amino acid sequence of the envelope protein of Colombian strains of DENV-2. The amino acid sequence was inferred from the nucleotide sequences by using the standard genetic code. Representative sequences of strains that have circulated in Colombia and those obtained in the present study were aligned and variable sites along the protein sequence compared to the first Asian/American genotype from Colombia included in the analysis (Genbank accession number: DQ364512). D: Dengue; SD: Severe dengue; *: Departments where strains associated with SD were identified; DI: Domain I; DII: Domain II; DIII: Domain III

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