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Table 1 Average frequency of HLA-I alleles (> 5%) across the Chinese population

From: Identification of variants and therapeutic epitopes in HPV-33/HPV-58 E6 and E7 in Southwest China

Alleles Average frequency Alleles Average frequency Alleles Average frequency
HLA-A*11:01 27.7% HLA-B*40:01 14.9% HLA-C*01:02 16.9%
HLA-A*24:02 17.2% HLA-B*46:01 11.5% HLA-C*03:04 12.8%
HLA-A*33:03 11.5% HLA-B*58:01 8.9% HLA-C*08:01 12.6%
HLA-A*02:01 5.3% HLA-B*13:01 8.2% HLA-C*03:02 8.7%
   HLA-B*15:02 7.1%   
  1. Note: Lacking information about the frequency in Chinese individuals, the data from Asian individuals were used