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Fig. 4

From: Identification of nuclear localization signal and nuclear export signal of VP1 from the chicken anemia virus and effects on VP2 shuttling in cells

Fig. 4

The NES motif of VP1 was characterized and found to be CRM1-dependent for nuclear export to the cytoplasm. a Truncated constructions of VP1-GFP were used to identify the NES motif. Truncated fragments of VP1 (gray bars) encoding constructs fused with GFP (oval shape) were used in this study, including VP1-CD103, VP1-CD126 and VP1-IDNES3. The putative NES1 (black box), NES2 (gray box) and NES3 (white box) are shown in VP1 (gray bars). The numbers of amino acid residues are presented in the constructs. b Subcellular localization of C-terminal deleted VP1-GFP constructions (VP1-CD103 and VP1-CD126) and internal deleted VP1-IDNES3 are shown in CHO cells. All cells were fixed and stained with DAPI. b VP-GFP was treated with LMB (20 ng/mL) after 48 h of transfection. The distributions of the wild-type VP1-GFP and the truncated VP1-GFP in the cells were observed using fluorescence microscopy (400× magnification)

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