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Table 1 A panel of viruses and bacteria associated with diarrhea in horses, cattle and simians was used to assess the specificity of the singleplex and multiplex RT-qPCR assays for detection and genotyping of ERVA

From: Development and evaluation of a one-step multiplex real-time TaqMan® RT-qPCR assay for the detection and genotyping of equine G3 and G14 rotaviruses in fecal samples

Viruses Bacteria
ERVA strain RVA/Horse-tc/GBR/H2/1976/G3P[12] Escherichia coli
ERVA strain RVA/Horse-tc/ARG/E8701-5MCCH/2016/G14P[12] Salmonella enterica
ERVA strain RVA/Horse-tc/ARG/E8701–6MCBI/2016/G14P[12] Rhodococcus equi
ERVA strain RVA/Horse-tc/ARG/E8701-9MCGR/2016/G14P[12] Neorickettsia risticii
BRVA strain RVA/Cow/United States/NCDV-Lincoln/1969/G6P6[1] Clostridium perfringens
BRVA strain RVA/Cow/United States/B223/1983/G10P8[11] Clostridium difficile
SRVA strain RVA/Simian-tc/ZAF/SA11-N5/1958/G3P[2] Lawsonia intracellularis
ECoV strain NC99  
ERAV strain NVSL-0600EDV8501  
ERBV strain NVSL-0610EDV85010  
  1. ERVA, equine rotavirus A; BRVA, bovine rotavirus A; SRVA, simian rotavirus A; ECoV, equine coronavirus; ERAV, equine rhinitis A virus; ERBV, equine rhinitis B virus