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Table 1 Summary of PRV testing by real-time, reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-qPCR) for all samples in this study

From: Piscine orthoreovirus sequences in escaped farmed Atlantic salmon in Washington and British Columbia

Collection Date Location1 Fish ID # on map2 Fish tissue AVC #3 PRV Seg. L1 Cts PRV Seg. S1 product4
Aug-27-2017 Home Port Bellingham-WA WFC-2011-75 1 Gill VT01192018–07 28.09 Positive
Heart VT01192018–08 31.74  
Head kidney VT01192018–09 28.85  
WFC-2011-76 2 Gill VT01192018–10 30.77  
Heart VT01192018–11 32.11  
Head kidney VT01192018–12 30.33  
WFC-2011-77 3 Gill VT01192018–13 29.65  
Heart VT01192018–14 30.52  
Head kidney VT01192018–15 28.63  
WFC-2011-78 4 Gill VT01192018–16 27.67 Positive
Heart VT01192018–17 30.96  
Head kidney VT01192018–18 28.67  
WFC-2011-79 5 Gill VT01192018–19 28.78  
Heart VT01192018–20 27.72  
Head kidney VT01192018–21 25.73 Positive
WFC-2011-80 6 Gill VT01192018–22 27.78  
Heart VT01192018–23 26.52  
Head kidney VT01192018–24 26.53  
WFC-2011-81 7 Gill VT01192018–25 29.33  
Heart VT01192018–26 26.94 Positive
Head kidney VT01192018–27 26.44  
WFC-2011-82 8 Gill VT01192018–28 26.15  
Heart VT01192018–29 26.98  
Head kidney VT01192018–30 29.91  
WFC-2011-83 9 Gill VT01192018–31 30.10  
Heart VT01192018–32 25.94  
Head kidney VT01192018–33 27.03 Positive
WFC-2011-103 10 Gill VT01192018–34 31.19  
Heart VT01192018–35 29.53  
Head kidney VT01192018–36 27.98  
WFC-2011-104 11 Gill VT01192018–37 31.68  
Heart VT01192018–38 28.91  
Head kidney VT01192018–39 30.12  
WFC-2011-105 12 Gill VT01192018–40 30.12  
Heart VT01192018–41 29.99  
Head kidney VT01192018–42 29.06  
WFC-2011-106 13 Gill VT01192018–43 24.89 Positive
Heart VT01192018–44 26.39  
Head kidney VT01192018–45 24.10  
Sept-11-2017 Home Port Bellingham-WA WFC-2011-107 14 Gill VT01192018–46 24.68  
Heart VT01192018–47 26.09  
Head kidney VT01192018–48 23.72 Positive
WFC-2011-108 15 Gill VT01192018–49 25.28  
Heart VT01192018–50 25.04  
Head kidney VT01192018–51 23.27  
WFC-2011-109 16 Gill VT01192018–52 23.60 Positive
Heart VT01192018–53 24.60 Positive
Head kidney VT01192018–54 27.32  
WFC-2011-110 17 Gill VT01192018–55 28.42  
Heart VT01192018–56 28.76  
Head kidney VT01192018–57 26.38  
Sept-14-2017 Lower Fraser River-BC AE01 18 Gill, Heart VT10042017–372 33.00 Negative
Oct-08-2017 Johnstone St-BC AE02 19 Gill, Heart, Liver VT10252017–405 27.33 Positive
Oct-10-2017 Lower Fraser River-BC AE03 20 Gill, Heart, Liver VT10252017–407 30.41 Positive
Oct-17-2017 Johnstone St-BC AE04 21 Gill, Heart, Liver VT10252017–408 32.04  
St. of Juan De Fuca-WA WFC-2011-13 22 Gill VT01192018–01 0  
Heart VT01192018–02 35.9  
Head kidney VT01192018–03 34.10  
Nov-01-2017 Salish Sea-BC AE05 23 Heart, Liver, Spleen, Head kidney VT11022017–423 25.86 Positive
Dec-31-2017 Skagit River, Birdsview-WA WFC-2011-14 24 Gill VT01192018–04 35.60  
Heart VT01192018–05 33.47  
Liver VT01192018–06 34.74  
Jan-25-2018 Skagit River, mile 46-WA WFC-2011-111 25 Gill VT04202018–118 29.52 Negative
Heart VT04202018–119 25.97 Positive
Liver VT04202018–120 29.64 Positive
Eggs VT04202018–121 31.10 Positive
Jan-24-2018 Skagit River, mile 46-WA WFC-2011-112 26 Gill VT04202018–122 32.91 Negative
Heart VT04202018–123 29.76 Positive
Liver VT04202018–124 29.80 Positive
Eggs VT04202018–125 34.78 Negative
Jan-26-2018 Skagit River, mile 46-WA WFC-2011-113 27 Gill VT04202018–126 31.24 Negative
Heart VT04202018–127 28.76 Negative
Liver VT04202018–128 30.66 Negative
Apr-2018 Retail “Product of Iceland” WFC-2011-114 28 Muscle VT04202018–129 24.94 Positive
  1. 1Location source of samples included Home Port, Bellingham Bay, Washington (Home Port Bellingham-WA), Strait of Juan De Fuca, Port Townsend, Washington (Strait of Juan De Fuca-WA), Skagit River near Birdsview, Washington (Skagit River, Birdsview-WA), Skagit River at mile 46, Washington (Skagit River, mile 46-WA), Lower Fraser River, BC-Canada (Lower Fraser River-BC), Johnstone St., BC-Canada (Johnstone St-BC), Salish Sea, BC-Canada (Salish Sea-BC), and market-bought fish from a retail store in Redmond, Washington, labeled “Product of Iceland” (Retail “Product of Iceland”)
  2. 2# on map refers to the location source of the fish on the map shown as Fig. 1
  3. 3AVC # denotes accession number of sample at the testing laboratory at the Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island
  4. 4Selected samples were tested in conventional RT-PCR for full-length PRV S1 segment. The presence of a 1100 base pair PCR product band in agarose gel is indicated as Positive . Negative denotes no band seen in agarose gel