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Fig. 2

From: Characterisation of a novel nucleorhabdovirus infecting alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Fig. 2

Electron micrographs of thin sections of AaNV-infected N. benthamiana cells. a Arrows indicate transversely (bottom) and longitudinally (upper part) cut particles in the cytoplasm located between the cell wall (W) and the vacuole (Va) of an epidermal cell; b Non-infected nucleus with heterochromatin and homogenous nuclear matrix; c Electron-dense granular areas throughout the nucleus are thought to represent viroplasm (Vp) with virions placed next to it; d arrays of mature virions budding (Vb) into the perinuclear space surrounded by the nuclear membrane. The cell wall (W), chloroplast with starch granules (Cl), nucleus (Nu), mitochondrion (Mt), vacuole (Va), virus budding (Vb) and viroplasm (Vp) are indicated

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