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Fig. 2

From: Evaluation of Potato virus X mild mutants for cross protection against severe infection in China

Fig. 2

Cross protection of N. benthamiana plants against the severe infection with wild type PVX. a The protection effects of mutants E46A, N863A, N968A, E1001A and dM against wild type PVX at an interval of 10 days. The symptoms were photographed at 25 days after the challenging inoculation. Plants pre-inoculated with empty plasmid pCAMBIA0390 were used as control. The experiments were repeated three times independently (same below). b The accumulation of wild type PVX CP in E46A-, N863A-, N968A-, E1001A- and dM-protected systemically infected N. benthamiana leaves. The samples were detected by Western blotting using antiserum against PVX CP at 25 days after the challenging inoculation. Total RNAs were used as loading control

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