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Fig. 2

From: The glycoprotein, non-virion protein, and polymerase of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus are not determinants of host-specific virulence in rainbow trout

Fig. 2

Schematic presentation of full-length cDNA constructs of VHSV strains MI03 (mi) and DK-3592B (dk) and various chimeric VHSVs. A map of the VHSV genome is shown at the top of panels A and B, depicting coding regions of N, P, M, G, NV and L genes that are separated by the flanking regulatory untranslated and intergenic sequences (vertical bars). Selected restriction sites, important for the construction of chimeric cDNA clones, are shown. These unique sites are present in the intergenic regions of the clones, which does not affect the coding regions of viral proteins. All these constructs contain a cytomegalovirus promoter at the 3′-end. A). Chimeric cDNA clones derived by substituting VHSV DK-3592B gene(s) into the pVHSVmi full-length clone. B). Chimeric cDNA clones derived by substituting VHSV-MI03 gene(s) into the pVHSVdk full-length clone. Light green boxes depict the coding regions of VHSV strain MI03, whereas, the purple boxes represent the coding regions of VHSV strain DK-3592B

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