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Table 3 Up-regulated proteins related to defense responses in viruliferous whiteflies

From: Comparative proteomic analysis provides new insight into differential transmission of two begomoviruses by a whitefly

Protein ID Protein name Fold change
TYLCV-infected vs. un-infected
 c63230_g1 Putative defense protein 3 1.57
 comp74180_c0_orf1 PITH domain-containing protein CG6153 1.32
 c64808_g1 Heat shock factor-binding protein 1 1.28
 comp70278_c0_orf1 Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 1.25
PaLCuCNV-infected vs. un-infected
 c63230_g1 Putative defense protein 3 1.66
 comp74180_c0_orf1 PITH domain-containing protein CG6153 1.33
 comp65735_c0_orf1 Apoptosis regulator BAX 1.31