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Table 1 HPV types detected with 2 different primers set in oropharyngeal swabs from HIV positive and HIV negative patients

From: Alpha, Beta, gamma human PapillomaViruses (HPV) detection with a different sets of primers in oropharyngeal swabs, anal and cervical samples

  Sample code (sex) MY09/11PCR FAP59/64 PCR
HIV positive patients Q200 M   HPV19(β1)
Q227 F HPV145(β2) HPV19(β1)
Q255 F HPV110(β2)  
Q266 F HPV145(β2) HPV5(β1)
Q447 F   HPV5(β1)
Q532 F   HPV132(γ12)
Q581 M   HPV5(β1)
Q637 F   HPV5(β1)
Q656 F   §
Q686 M   HPV19(β1)
Q947 F HPV70(α7)  
Q996 F HPV16(α9)  
Q1017 F HPV120(β2) §
Q1234 F HPV17(β2) §
Q1644 F   §
Q1766 M HPV17(β2) §
HIV negative patients Q127 M HPV145(β2) §
Q425 F   HPV8(β1)
Q718 F   HPV19(β1)
Q739 M HPV120(β2)  
Q760 M HPV145(β2) HPV20(β1)
Q1133 M HPV17(β2)  
Q1643 M   HPV19(β1)
Q1657 M   HPV20(β1)
Q1833 M   HPV5(β1)
Q2050 M HPV13(α10)  
  1. § untyped HPV strains; F, female, M, male