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Fig. 3

From: DMO-CAP inhibits influenza virus replication by activating heme oxygenase-1-mediated IFN response

Fig. 3

DMO-CAP inhibited IAV replication through up-regulating HO-1 expression. a HEK293T-17 cells were infected with IAV A/FM1/1947 (0.2 MOI) and then treated with DMO-CAP (50 μM)、CoPP (2 μM) together with DMO-CAP (50 μM) and CoPP (2 μM) for 24 h. b HEK293T-17 cells were transfected with HO-1 siRNA or SCR siRNA for 24 h and then infected with IAV A/FM1/1947 (0.2 MOI) in the absence or presence of DMO-CAP for 24 h. The expression of M2 and HO-1 proteins were analyzed by Western blot

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