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Fig. 6

From: Construction and characterization of an infectious cDNA clone of potato virus S developed from selected populations that survived genetic bottlenecks

Fig. 6

Evaluation of amino acid substitutions in PVS-H00 and PVS-H95 genomes. Each position plotted is based on the evaluation of amino acid substitutions according to the Structure-Genetic (SG) scoring system, and corresponds to the PVS genome map (top diagram). The SG values range from 0 (most drastic change) to 5 (most frequent substitution). MTR: methyltransferase domain; O-PRO: OTU-like superfamily of predicted protease region; P-PRO: papain-like cysteine protease region; HEL: helicase domain; POL: RNA-dependent RNA polymease domain; Rep: other than functional domains within replicase; TGBp1, 2, and 3: triple gene block protein 1, 2, and 3; CP: coat protein; CRP: cysteine-rich protein. Arrows indicate that two or three plots overlap each other

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