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Fig. 1

From: Immune reconstitution of HLA-A*0201/BMLF1- and HLA-A*1101/LMP2-specific Epstein Barr virus cytotoxic T lymphocytes within 90 days after haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Fig. 1

CD8+ T cells specific for HLA-A*0201/EBV-BMLF1-GLC peptide by pentamer are present in the peripheral blood of haplo-HSCT recipients. (a): PBMCs from an HLA*A0201(+) patient at + 60 days after haplo-HSCT. The four flow graphs show the flow gating and target cell sorting. Forward and side scatters were used to gate viable populations of the cells, and CD3+CD19 cells were then gained to delete B lymphocytes. Subsequently, CD3+CD19CD8+ cells were gained as CD8+ lymphocytes, and finally, HLA-A*0201-pentamer stained CD3+CD8+CD19 cells were gained as the target cells for FACS analysis. (b): PBMCs from HLA*A0201- and HLA*A1101-negative controls were stained with anti-CD3-preCP monoclonal antibodies, anti-CD19-APC monoclonal antibodies, anti-CD8-FITC monoclonal antibodies, and HLA-A*0201/EBV-BMLF1-GLC pentamer-PE, and the cells were analyzed as described in (a)

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