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Fig. 1

From: Contribution of Tomato torrado virus Vp26 coat protein subunit to systemic necrosis induction and virus infectivity in Solanum lycopersicum

Fig. 1

Molecular and biological properties of tomato torrado virus. a Schematic representation of the ToTV genome. The genomic material of ToTV comprises two polyadenylated RNA strands, RNA1 and RNA2, composed of 7829 nucleotides and 5404 nucleotides, respectively. RNA1 encodes for protease cofactor (PrcCo), helicase (Hel), viral protease (Pro) and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP). RNA2 encodes for ORF1 (necessary for systemic infection) and ORF2 encoding movement protein (3A) followed by three capsid protein (CP) subunits (Vp35, Vp26 and Vp23). Dashed lines indicate borders of each CP subunit. b Symptoms induced by ToTV in Solanum lycopersicum cv. Beta Lux

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