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Table 5 RdRP family as assigned by Pfam

From: Analysis of the codon usage pattern of the RdRP gene of mycovirus infecting Aspergillus spp.

No. Accession no. Mycovirus Family by Pfam E-value
1 FN376847 Aspergillus fumigatus partitivirus-1 RdRP_1 1e-06
2 FN178512 Aspergillus fumigatus chrysovirus RdRP_4 1.8e-73
3 HG975302 Aspergillus fumigatus polymycovirus-1 RdRP_1 3.9e-05
4 HE588144 Aspergillus foetidus alternavirus RdRP_4 3.6e-07
5 HE588147 Aspergillus foetidus victorivirus RdRP_4 1.2e-105
6 HE588148 Aspergillus foetidus exartavirus RdRP_1 4.4e-10
7 DQ270031 Aspergillus ochraceus partitivirus RdRP_1 7.7e-12
8 EU289897 Aspergillus niger alternavirus RdRP_4 3.8e-07
9 MF444217 Sclerotinia sclerotiorum tetramycovirus-1 RdRP_1 0.00017
10 MF317878 Penicillium digitatum polymycoviruses 1 RdRP_1 4.4e-07
11 LN896307 Beauveria bassiana polymycovirus 1 RdRP_1 2.5e-07
12 LN896311 Beauveria bassiana polymycovirus 2 no match
13 LC350277 Alternaria alternata chrysovirus 1 RdRP_4 7.7e-44
14 KM235317 Penicillium marneffei partitivirus-1 RdRP_1 4.1e-10