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Table 1 The genome of polymycovirus-1 (AfuTmV-1)

From: Analysis of the codon usage pattern of the RdRP gene of mycovirus infecting Aspergillus spp.

Host Segment (bp) ORF Product
Gene Length Protein Length (aa)
Aspergillus fumigatus dsRNA1 (2403) RdRP ORF 2292 nt RNA dependent RNA polymerase 763
dsRNA2 (2233) unknown_ORF 2091 nt hypothetical protein 696
dsRNA3 (1970) Methyl transferase ORF 1845 nt methyl transferase 614
dsRNA4 (1131) PAS-rp ORF 840 nt proline/alanine/serine (PAS)-rich protein 279