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Table 1 List of Tospovirus species used to align the nucleocapsid (N) and the non-structural protein coded by the small RNA (NSs) proteins

From: Identification and localization of Tospovirus genus-wide conserved residues in 3D models of the nucleocapsid and the silencing suppressor proteins

  Name Acronym N protein NSs protein
1 Alstroemeria necrotic streak virus ANSV GQ478668.1
2 Bean necrotic mosaic virus BeNMV JN587268.1 NC 018071.1
3 Calla lily chlorotic spot virus CCSV AY867502.1 AY867502.1
4 Capsicum chlorosis virus CaCV NC 008301.1 DQ355974.1
5 Chrysanthemum stem necrosis virus CSNV AF067068.1 KM114548.1
6 Groundnut bud necrosis virus (Synonymous: Peanut bud necrosis virus) GBNV U27809.1 AB852525.1
7 Groundnut chlorotic fan- spot virus (Synonymous: Peanut chlorotic fan-spot virus) GCFSV AF080526.1 U27809.1
8 Groundnut ringspot virus GRSV AF251271.1 AF080526.1
9 Groundnut yellow spot virus (Synonymous: Peanut yellow spot virus) GYSV AF013994.1 JN571117.1
10 Hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus HCRV KC290943.1 AF013994.1
11 Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV X66972.1 KC290943.1
12 Iris yellow spot virus IYSV AF001387.1 AB109100.1
13 Lisianthus necrotic ringspot virus LNRV AB852525.1 AF001387.1
14 Melon severe mosaic virus MSMV EU275149.1 EU275149.1
15 Melon yellow spot virus MYSV AB038343.1 AB038343.1
16 Mulberry vein banding associated virus MVBaV NC 026619.1 NC 026619.1
17 Pepper chlorotic spot virus PCSV KF383956.1 KF383956.1
18 Pepper necrotic spot virus PNSV HE584762.1 HE584762.1
19 Physalis silver mottle virus PhySMV AF067151.1 AF067151.1
20 Polygonum ringspot virus PolRSV KJ541744.1 EF445397.1
21 Soybean vein necrosis associated virus SVNaV HQ728387.1 HQ728387.1
22 Tomato chlorotic spot virus TCSV AF282982.1
23 Tomato necrosis virus TNeV AY647437.1
24 Tomato necrotic ringspot virus TNRV FJ489600.2 FJ489600.2
25 Tomato necrotic spot virus TNSV KM355773.1
26 Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV AF020659.1
27 Tomato yellow ring virus TYRV AY686718.1 DQ462163.1
28 Tomato zonate spot virus TZSV EF552433.1 EF552433.1
29 Watermelon bud necrosis virus WBNV GU584184.1 EU249351.1
30 Watermelon silver mottle virus WSMoV AB042650.1 AY864852.1
31 Zucchini lethal chlorosis virus ZLCV AF067069.1 JN572104.1