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Fig. 3

From: Optimization of Zika virus envelope protein production for ELISA and correlation of antibody titers with virus neutralization in Mexican patients from an arbovirus endemic region

Fig. 3

Immunological ELISA assays against sera from adenoviral vaccinated mice. a. ELISA assays of commercial African-lineage ZIKV Env vs Asian-lineage ZIKV Env and Env-CD4. Humoral responses in pool of mice sera (n = 6) vaccinated with a ChAdOx1 ZIKV prME_ΔTM vaccine and the control which is the unrelated antigen (cCSP). b. ELISA assays of endpoint reciprocal titer to measure antibodies in mice sera (n = 4) vaccinated with prME_ΔTM by Env-CD4 or Env proteins. Individual data are shown (blue circles), and mean + SD are represented as the horizontal bars

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