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Fig. 2

From: Aerosol infection of Balb/c mice with eastern equine encephalitis virus; susceptibility and lethality

Fig. 2

Experimental outcomes in Balb/c mice exposed by the aerosol route to a dose range of EEEV Pe-6, or challenge media controls (CM alone). Top left panel; percentage survival post- challenge. Top right panel; percentage change in body weight (from weight taken on day 0 prior to challenge). Bottom left panel; mean clinical scores. Bottom right panel; mean viral titre in tissues of animals that succumbed to disease 3–4 days post-challenge. The legends refer to the titres of input virus (pfu/ml). Data points include mice that were free of clinical signs. Error bars indicate 95% confidence interval. n = 8 except for the bottom right panel, where n = 1–5

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